Fat Cat at Wakefield Mayor’s Ball

“AT LAST, I’ve got someone I can vote for!” exclaimed the traffic warden as he looked over to the Socialist Party stall being set up outside Wakefield Town Hall.

Alistair Tice

It was the placard saying: “Mick Griffiths vows only to accept a worker’s wage”, which caught the eye of this former Labour voting ex-miner who had decided never to vote Labour again.

Our Socialist Alliance manifesto launch didn’t get any press coverage but it did cause a stir at the Town Hall.

We hired a Fat Cat pulling the strings of Blair, Hague and Kennedy.

This was to highlight ourselves as an alternative to the big business parties.

Our stunt coincided with the ‘Mayor-making’ ceremony at the town hall, so very nervous council staff called security and the police to have us moved on.

As this was only the day after the ‘Prescott-egg’, I think they were all a bit worried that our Fat Cat was going to invite himself to the Mayor’s ball.

If only we’d planned it…!



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