Adrian O’Malley on Pontefract Hospital

A comrade from the Wakefield Branch of the Socialist Party, Adrian O’Malley is featured in the current issue of the party’s paper, The Socialist. He highlights Unision’s actions, tackling the previous Labour governments implementation of PFI, that has impacted both Pontefract and Pinderfields Hospitals within the region. Being interviewed on local news he say’s “… the army is usually called in when natural disasters occur not when the NHS can’t cope due to staff shortages. The lessons of Pontefract hospital are that PFI and service reconfigurations are a man-made disaster which could and should have been avoided at all costs.”.

You can read the full article, download the issue in an online PDF format and subscribe to the paper at The Wakefield branch are involved with the Wakefield Coalition Against Cuts, and have continuously fought against privatisation and job cuts in our NHS. Our Keep the NHS Public leaflet will become available within the next couple of weeks, and you’ll be able to pick up your copy from one of our regional stalls.


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