Successful Workfare Protest in Wakefield

Youth Fight for Jobs & Education organised a protest today against the governments controversial workfare schemes, outside one of the companies yet to pull out, McDonald’s. A small band of us met just outside the city centre store at noon and quickly had a table set up, with party and Youth Fight for Jobs petitions, flyers and posters, and two of us began handing flyers out and engaging the public outside the entranceway. The stores management was soon quick to make an appearance, insisting that we take our action across the street, but causing no obstruction to customers entering the store, we persisted. After an hour we must have gotten through over a hundred leaflets with ease, the majority of which ended up in the hands of the customers heading in for lunch.

The majority of people seemed curious, happy to accept a leaflet and began skimming it as soon as you had handed it to them, eager to find out what all the fuss is about, others remained long enough to sign a petition either at the door or the table stand, and conversed on the issue with us. It was a very successful day.

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