Young Socialists

Young members are heavily involved in the campaigns and activities of the Socialist Party, and are particularly involved in the organising of two campaigning groups; The Socialist Students and Youth Fight for Jobs & Education, both of which are very active in the region.

Socialist Students

Socialist Students are a democratic campaigning organisation with groups in universities and colleges throughout Britain. A weekly meeting to discuss the politics of changing the world is held at most campuses throughout the country, Join them and get involved!

There are Socialist Students societies at nearby universities in Leeds (see Leeds Socialist Students website for more info) and Hudderfield.

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Youth Fight for Jobs & Education

Socialist Party members are active in the campaign group Youth Fight for Jobs & Education, linking up young worker, trade unionists and the unemployed to fight for decent jobs and training opportunities for all. For more information please visit their regional website.

Youth Fight for Jobs was launched at the start of the recession and have been organising to help defend young people against the attacks of organisations and capitalist politicians who are trying to force young people to pay for a crisis that they created. The first event that YFfJ held was part of the protests at the G20 in April 2009. This involved around 600 young people marching through four of London’s poorest boroughs, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Newham, in tribute to the long marches of unemployed workers in the 1930s ie the Jarrow marchers. There are videos of these actions and more up on their YouTube channel.

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