Mary Creagh should resign not remain

Hundreds of signatures have been collected by Wakefield Socialist Party and Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition members calling for the resignation of Wakefield’s Labour MP Mary Creagh.
Mick Griffiths, Wakefield and Pontefract Socialist Party

She recently voted against triggering Article 50 to leave the EU. With a 66% vote to leave in Wakefield, she voted against the wishes of a clear majority of her constituents.

In just one week alone hundreds have signed our petition calling for her immediate resignation.

Throughout Europe workers have suffered cuts and austerity while banks have been bailed out. We intend to lobby our MP in the near future once we have amassed thousands more signatures in support.

Meanwhile, we have organised a public meeting to discuss a socialist Brexit programme on Thursday 9 March at 7.30pm at Black Rock, Wakefield.


Obituary: Peter Vasey, 1957-2012

It is with great sadness we are made aware of the passing of our comrade Peter Vasey, whose obituary is featured in this weeks edition of The Socialist, reproduced here.

Peter Vasey, called Pete by his friends, died on 17 July at the relatively young age of 54. Born in Batley, West Yorkshire in 1957 to a poor family, he instinctively fought any authority figures who tried to rule his life. He had a very keen and lively sense of humour and was generous to a fault. Much banter took place when he was around and you had to be on the ball not to get caught up in one of his jokes.

A member of the Labour Party Young Socialists and a Militant (forerunner of the Socialist Party) supporter in Batley in the 1980s, he used his artistic talent to good effect. He made a plywood effigy of Tory Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher, with a “Job Destroyer” notice around her neck, which had a good impact in the local campaign against unemployment. He will also be remembered for his adventurous approach. For example, he made a seven foot kite of Lenin to raise fighting fund, then tested it out on Bridlington beach in gusty conditions – terrorising those nearby!

After the defeat of the momentous 1984-85 miners’ strike, however, he lapsed into inactivity but always propounded Marxist ideas, especially those of his beloved Engels.The demoralisation of unemployment blighted his life at this time too and he developed a drink problem. But after years on the dreaded dole
he finally got a job and was determined to never return to the sub-life conditions of unemployment. Proud of the working class he belonged to and never corrupted by the greed of the capitalist system, he was an inspiration, especially to his brother.

YfFJ Press Release

Yorkshire Youth Fight for Jobs have today published a press release concerning a Liberal Democrat candidate for the Wakefield Rural ward. It has come to the attention of YfFJ that Finbarr Cronin has been using the YfFJ logo’s on his election materials, claiming he supports the campaign, yet contrary to the views of Youth Fight for Jobs he is not standing on a platform against cuts! We wholeheartedly agree with their statement shown bellow, and encourage you to read their full post on this issue over at the Yorkshire Youth Fight for Jobs website.

“If Finbarr Cronin really supports the aims of Youth Fight for Jobs then he should resign from the Liberal Democrats and contest elections on a platform that includes the key demands of Youth Fight for Jobs. This is what Wakefield YFJ activist, Dan Dearden, is doing standing as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in Pontefract North ward.”

May 3rd, Vote TUSC Against Cuts

Wakefield & Pontefract Socialist Election Flyer

Wakefield & Pontefract Socialist Election Flyer

Wakefield Coalition Against Cuts – Update

Wakefield Coalition Against Cuts will be holding its next meeting tonight at 7:30 in the Red Shed in Wakefield town centre. Attendance at the meetings has fallen for a variety of reasons since Christmas. In light of recent events: the continuing fight against public sector pensions cuts, the recent protests against government work schemes and the successful outcome of the Electricians Unions struggle, it can be argued that a Wakefield Coalition Against Cuts still has a role to play both locally and nationally supporting and being active in whatever struggles are going on for this reasons this meeting is especially important and well help us relaunch the campaign.

We encourage as many people as possible to attend this meeting, and to pass on the information to anyone further who might wish to attend.

Successful Workfare Protest in Wakefield

Youth Fight for Jobs & Education organised a protest today against the governments controversial workfare schemes, outside one of the companies yet to pull out, McDonald’s. A small band of us met just outside the city centre store at noon and quickly had a table set up, with party and Youth Fight for Jobs petitions, flyers and posters, and two of us began handing flyers out and engaging the public outside the entranceway. The stores management was soon quick to make an appearance, insisting that we take our action across the street, but causing no obstruction to customers entering the store, we persisted. After an hour we must have gotten through over a hundred leaflets with ease, the majority of which ended up in the hands of the customers heading in for lunch.

The majority of people seemed curious, happy to accept a leaflet and began skimming it as soon as you had handed it to them, eager to find out what all the fuss is about, others remained long enough to sign a petition either at the door or the table stand, and conversed on the issue with us. It was a very successful day.

Scrap McWorkfare – Protest for Real Jobs

The Wakefield branch of Youth Fight for Jobs & Education have initiated another protest in Wakefield, now to target Mcdonalds. The branch will be participating in the protest and are helping to organise it. Beginning Monday 27th just before 12:00 outside the town centre location.

We encourage you all to come along, and to sign up to the event page on Facebook.

Following on from the pulling out of the government’s workfare scheme by large companies such as Superdrug, Matalan, Maplin as well as Tesco’s offering those referred to it by the government a 4 week paid job with a guaranteed job at the end of it, Youth Fight for Jobs is calling a day of action on Monday 27th February to target another of the big companies taking part in the government’s workfare scheme – McDonalds